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Meet the people behind the mic working everyday to bring you udisputed contents you can trust.

Muhammad Kabir Muhammad


Muhammad Kabir Muhammad became the Acting Chief Operating Officer, Trust Radio, in October 2022. Before assuming that role, he was Head of Digital Operations, Media Trust from March 2020. For about ten years prior to that, he worked for the Hausa Service of the BBC in various capacities – including Planning Editor and, at one time, Acting Abuja Bureau Chief. Before he joined the BBC in 2009, he was a Senior Reporter and Acting Arts and Literary Editor with the then Sunday Trust (now Daily Trust Sunday) newspaper. He loves reading and listening to the radio.

Mardiyya Umar



Luqman Awwal

Social Media Manager

Social media manager, Social media influencer, Skit maker and worked with Quest media, Nuvie media, operates a lookmanTV page and a complete Social media enthusiast.

Anthony Ital

Sound Engineer