A Physician's Diary

A Physician's Diary

Vaccine Hesitancy in Nigeria: Once step forward, two steps backward

TFatima DAMAGUMhe year is 2003 and the race to eradicate Poliomyelitis globally is almost over. Many countries in the world have been declared polio f

Black Tax in times of Austerity

A rural farmer once visited his banker brother in the city. The man had heard about his younger brother’s new house and wanted to see for himself. He

For The Love of Oxygen

It’s a typical windy harmattan morning, on Saturday when Simon* presents to the emergency department of a government hospital in Nigeria. He is rushed

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

An air of prestige has accompanied a career in medicine for centuries. Once upon a time, being a health care professional commanded a great deal of re

New Year Resolution #3: Safeguarding Our Sanity

This year November, ‘A Physician’s diary’ will be five years old. And while it is certainly something to celebrate, there are many lessons I have lear